Has anyone purchased seeds from Nobleseeds?

I came across a company that claims to be the expert in high yield seeds - some imported
and some home grown.


Has anyone used this company’s products?
Are they good?

Dear Sri dds,

Noble seeds is one of the standard seed breeders and sellers, at bengaluru base. you pl ask them to show some farmer’s plots ,growing their specific seeds plants, existing in your land area. abc seeds do very well in ‘a’ area and may be failure in other areas. Some failure variety at so many other places, may be successful in our area.

Breeder’s take so many precautions while breeding and releasing a variety, but some times it clicks very well at some areas and failures in some areas.

Or other wise you ask them to sell sample seed packets of your choice, sow the, plant them and see the results, and proceed further.

The success of that particular variety mostly depends on the place,weather, soil, water etc, where it is grown. My honest advise to you is, see the varieties performance at some land and/or by growing in your land and proceed with confidence a, as much investments are involved sir.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer