Has anyone prepared a Venturi

I bought a Venturi and tried connecting a source and destination pipes and put the suction foot valve, but for some reason the suction foot valve is throwing water.

I thought there could be something wrong they way connected the source and destination or probably the pressure was no right.

Has any one tried to create a venturi yourself???

I doubt if pressure levels are right too.

Do you have a pressure reducer at the suction port?

Please check the attachment. Once I happened to face similar situation and found that I had opened both main valve and the venturi valve in which case the water will be pushed out instead of sucking into the venturi. Not sure if it is the same cause at your end.


hi khushizone
may be you might have seen but even then i am posting for the benifit of others


simply explained, main valve is partially closed in the above link

Sorry for the delayed reply was busy with work

Thank you so much Guru Prasad and Khannae, your inputs are very helpful and kind of understood the design flaw which I did. I have attached the snap the way I was doing.

I connected 1" HDPE pipe to both sides and the suction pipe in drum, but it seems the pressure is not enough to create the suction.

Has anyone tried creating a Venturi yourself with a pipe, not sure about the possibility but was planning to do it over the weekend with a 2" pipe.

Kindly check with ventury supplier details. It needs certain qty of water flow and pressure drop across the inlet and outlet to create a negative pressure so as to suck thro’ side entry pipe.