Harvest details of paddy

Hi All !

I am glad to inform that I got about 10 bags of paddy ( native varieties of Seeraga samba and Ghandhaka saali ) apart from another wastage of about 3 to 4 bags eaten by birds in two thirds of an acre .
Harvest by manual labour proved to be costly and I had to shell out Rs. 7500/= while it could have been Rs. 1000/= had I employed a combine harvester.
I used a drum seeder and paid Rs.500/= for labour to seed which could have gone up to around Rs.5000/= had I followed the traditional transplanting method.

No other inputs were given except water. De-weeding was done manually once and I spent Rs.2500/= for that. Tilling expenses came around Rs.4000/=.

Assuming a modest milling rate of 50 % , I hope I’d get about 300kgs. of premium rice which could fetch around Rs.21000/= and the sale of straw could get Rs. 3000/=.
Still I expect a profit of Rs. 9000/= which could have gone up had I minimised on labour.

Next time I intend to use a paddy cutter to harvest as well as de-weed the field and I hope to minimise the cost by another Rs. 7000/= .

Apart from the monetary aspect , the joy and soul satisfaction of producing my own food with no poison is immeasurable.

Congratulations Varaahan, way to go…  did you use the conventional method or SRI method for the cultivation.  Heard SRI method the yield is almost double.


I used the drum seeder which was highly useful. Unfortunately the holes were much bigger for the super fine varity of seeraga samba and six to eight seeds were planted per hill.
Next time I have two options. One is to mix some other boiled paddy with fine variety paddy and the other is to drill holes in the drum with smaller diameter.

Congrats, and wish you all the best for future developments.

can we cultivate normal red soil land making suitable for rice cultivation with proper irrigation. ? or does it can only in paddy land?

rajan mathew

I have no idea about red soil. But in my terrace garden I planted rice in flower pots with red soil / sand mix and it sprouted well .
You may try it in smaller patch for testing purpose and go in for a larger area later.
Good luck.