Hand Tractor for cultivation


Recently, we introduced Hand Tractor. A human powered machine that’s multi functional.
It is can be used to remove weeds, it can be used for soil consolidation, for cultivation, for ploughing,
for seed drill, for carrying fertilizer sprayer to name a few.

We have filed for a patent for the same.

You may want to check our website, see video’s, download brochures, and buy.

Thank you,
Urvi Agrotech

Are you able to publish the prices?

Hello Chandra,

Our prices are very competitive, the buy back (the machine price becomes effectively 0 - due to save in labour) is almost within single season. We have received feedback from our early customers, great amount of saving in labour cost and time - person using the machine does effective work of 3 person.

Apart from this, start with buying main machine with one attachment of your choice, later on you buy which ever attachment you want.

Our main machine with 8" weeder cost as less as Rs.3199/- + Transport on actual.


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Urvi Agrotech’s Hand tractor (Patent Pending) with 8" weeder attachment on laterite soil - courtesy Farmer in Goa

How do I buy the Weeder ? Need in Chennai

P N Subramanian

You can now buy Hand Tractor from Amazon.in

in Amazon, it is priced at 5199 and they seem to be having just one piece. is there any alternate channel for buying this

Hello Sir,

Contact us directly on 9480678578 or write to urviagrotech@gmail.com

BTW, Amazon.in provides free shipment - Also included is 3 tooth tine attachment included for that price.


Wheel hand and soil consolidation price send me whatsup no.7892069306