Guidance on soil parameters and other plant related parameters that can be monitored mostly in drip irrigation

Hello all

We have developed smart electronic solution to monitor few of parameters from mobile app, that farmers whom we interacted suggested like soil moisture,soil ph value,temperature(surrounding),humidity(surrounding),light intensity what other parameters can be monitored of soil or plant initially that are very useful for the growth of plant so that the farmers can be helped in the best manner possible

Can you elaborate it more clearly so that we will get to know

it’s a mobile app monitoring mentioned parameters initially needed guidance on any other parameters that can be monitored and is useful

Do you have a water flow meter ?

R Chandramouli

Please let me know how to use the app . Is it real time . Do we need any sensors in the field .

I don’t plan as practically seen they use drip and it’s not affected so initially focusing on vital parameters

yes it’s real time with sensors in some place a mobile app will show real time readings

Can you arrange demo. What will be te cost

I hope I was clear with query and asking specific suggestions to improve and benefit the farmers, if you want you can though reach me at