Guidance on deshi cows' Dairy farming


My name is Nandeesh Kumar, a resident of Bengaluru, Karnataka, currently working in Dubai, as a QC inspector for oil and Gas fields.

I’m an Engineering Diploma holder, aged about 36 years.

I’ve the plan to start a “DESHI Cow Dairy farming” in Karnataka, not for the sake of earning money just to serve “go maata” and just to make my livelihood with my mother. For this very purpose, I’m planning to leave my job and dedicate my complete life for this holy purpose.

Also, I do not have any own house/ancestral property or any farming background nothing. I’m a guy, who born and brought up in Bengaluru city.

Right now, I have a handy amount of 10 lac rupees.

Can you please help me by giving your valuable suggestions for this holy cause?

I appreciate your time and concern for going thorugh my mail.

ವಂದನೆಗಳೊಂದಿಗೆ / Best regards,

Nandesh Kumar Arasappa

I don’t think the above mentioned organizations may allow him to serve either as paid or for free service to gain the knowledge. At most one can have visit to their Goshala’s with certain procedures and you can offer your service i.e. providing fodder for the cattle for en number of days, you can also serve on your own i.e. feed the fodder on your own hands. Normally north Indians do the same.

Better to join with any private dairy to gain knowledge for your purpose.
Nandeesh Kumar - Pls. check I have replied to your personal mail,

Dear Nandesh,
Hats off you.
You can search some “Gho shalaa” which is run by private. You can serve there. you can search in face book. I have seen this kinds of messages.

Hello Nandeesh Kumar,
Without land to grow fodder it is impossible to run dairy farm. If you buy fodder from external source you need to pay more than the milk yield.
If you buy land it will cost 6-8 lakhs to buy land, bore well, initial preparations for fodder. With 1 acre fodder sorghum or CO-4 napier grass you can feed up to 8 cows.
Additionally you have to buy oil cakes, rice bran  etc for better yield concentrated feed also required.With 8 cows the total expense will be equal to selling the milk.
Since you earned money by hard working in middle east think wisely before spend it. If you have sufficient savings to your settlement and consider this 10 lakhs as a challenge then you may involve.

Later if you plan to sell you will get less price than what you spend.

Better you may donate one or two cows to “Gosala” or temple. Otherwise build a house in the suburb and maintain one cow with a calf for holy purpose.

Approximate price details of cows and buffalows are liste here

tamilnadufarmsales.freeforums.or … rm-t4.html

Hello Nandeesh Kumar,

Good to know that there are some blessed souls left, who care for mother cow. And are willing to take care of them.

Please stick to what agri1972 says. Dairying is a non-sustainable concept if you think cow is holy mother. There are many hidden concepts and torchers in dairy industry(calf is separated from mother cow, just after a day of birth).

Even if everything runs smooth, at times some cows may not allow you to milk. then what do you do in that situation? maintain a non productive cow?

There are many more complication and things to understand before you step into dairy. don’t even think of buying imported cows. They need truck loads of feed. Every now and then they become sick.

Thing is cows are healthy only when freely left and not tied in-side sheds.

After a few months you will be short of funds and it will prove to be very difficult to maintain cows.

I would also suggest, buy some land 1 acre or 2 and keep 2 or 3 cows. Indian cows need less fodder and low maintenance.

I have been trying to establish farming with Indian cows doing it since last few months. you can check

I have just started blogging, don’t find much time. lot more info will come up in a few months.

Wish mother cow blesses you.