Guidance in pursuing degree in agriculture

Respected members

My name is Shankara Narayanan. I am 31 years old and a Chartered Accountant by profession.

I am going to work for a non profit organisation that helps improve the livelihood of small farmers.

Apart from the practical exposure that I would get by observing the working of the farmers in the field I am very keen to also obtain a degree in agriculture through distance learning.

However after going through various websites of agricultural universities, I have not been able to find such programs.

Hence I would be grateful if you can :

a) guide me with details of relevant courses that universities offers as part of its distance leaning program and/or
b) provide syllabus of diploma degree of a reputed university along with the details of prescribed text books

Thank you for your guidance and look forward to hearing from you.

You may find some useful info here…

thank you so much for sharing the link…this will indeed be useful for me on certain topics

Request others to also share such useful information which could also be in the form of university prescribed textbooks.


Sharing one more link…;.;

There are two kind of degrees you can pursue:

  1. 3 years agriculture or allied field degree
  2. 4-years degree

I recommend 4-years degree. It gives you opportunities in Private sector and government sector both. Many vacancies in NABARD, IBPS SO AFO, ICAR are only for candidates with 4year graduation.

Coming to your scenario, you are already CA and you want to work for NPO sector. The master’s level courses I would suggest you are:

Intellectual property and its management in agriculture
Basic statistical methods in agriculture
MBA in Agriculture

thanks but none of three courses are accessible now

Thanks Nidhi_Sharma for your views. I am not keen on a management course. Would want to learn the technical details such as soil analysis, water quality, plant protection etc from the basics. I anyway do have practical exposure during my work. I will supplement the practical exposure with certain onsite programs for some institutes such as NIPHT Pune and Institute of Horticulture Technology.

Hence even if I can get my hands on the syllabus of a diploma degree in agri along with the prescribed text books, it will be of great help. Would you have such details ?