Growing Veggies versus Growing Flowers in Polyhouse

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Good day. This is my first post. I stumbled upon this site and went through couple of discussions by Vivek and other folks. Really informative and tangible information.

I am planning to set up a polyhouse and contemplating between flowers versus veggies.
Please pour in your thoughts in terms of maintenance & profitability keeping long term prospects in view. It would be great if you could stack rank the flowers/Veggies in order of maintenance and profitability.

PS: One specific question - since veggies like capsicum and cucumber have quicker crop cycles ( 9 months and 3 months) does the quality of production go down over years considering the repeated preparation of land every 9 months.

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  1. I think it depends on Soil & Water condition .
  2. Test soil & water PH
  3. As you said you are planning all your venture in Polyhouse which is HIGH capital investment, so think about weather & nearest market too,
  4. Always remember use polyhouse for HVC ( HIGH Value Crop)  to meet the Break even Point of your investment soon ,
  5. If your farm is near some metro or big city , you can go for veggies , and again not, any ordinary veggies  For Exmpl. - If you are planning for tomato don’t go for ordinary tomatoes, go for “beef tomatoes” ( a Kind of tomatoes use in Burgers & Pizzas)  which have high demand in Hotels & Restaurant & food chains , unfortunately the demand is high but production is low in india.
    Same for cucumber , instead of cucumber go for Zucchini . or for consolidation & to minimize risk you can go for both,
    6)Gerebera , Rose , Mogra , Carnation flowers ( see this video -
    As you asked for long term prospect - I can suggest Orchid Flower , these plants can last long with constant flowering ( 7 -15 years) , but you need to take care of weather and fungus in it carefully !
    Taiwan , Thailand o=most of the east Asian countries are the kings of orchids suppliers  , (
    7)&  Last veggies like capsicum and cucumber have quicker crop cycles - yes its production quantity decline after every cut, in cucumber some time it tastes bitter , ( depends on cucumber species & seeds u use)

Thanks much srnarnaware for the detailed reply.Very Kind of you…

We are planning to start the operations in Bangalore. As per your guidance we will research the market for demand supply parameters.

  1. Is it appropriate to say flowers have more crop duration/period than vegetables. Since the soil/bed preparation has to be done less frequently for flowers is it wise to pick flowers over vegetables ?

  2. (Crop Rotation)Also can I start with flowers poly house cultivation and over time change the same soil to grow vegetables . If I do so will the fertility of the soil remain ?

  3. Even for exotic vegetables will the production go down due to freq soil preparation ( digging the land etc…)

  4. Can you help , if possible to sort the flowers in descending order based on crop duration

  5. Can you help , if possible to sort the vegetables in descending order based on crop duration

  6. Any ideas to restore soil fertility in the long run. Any natural manures etc …?

  7. Is it safe to assume higher the crop duration better the production in long run over years.

Thanks a ton . I know its lot of questions . Kindly reply where ever you can . Any info is good info for me !!!