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I have decided to plant coffee plants in my land.  Can anyone suggest me which is profitable shading tree i can plant, either agarwood or silveroak

Hi? You cannot go with either agarwood or silver oak alone for shade in coffee plantation. However silver oak is planted for the purpose of timber also little bit of shade. But Haalavana, gliricedia etc are required for good shade in some times and the said green plants green leafs can be utilized as green mulch/manure

Thanks for reply Mr.Swamy,  But i wanted to know that along with coffee plant which one is best profitable in another 10 years.  please suggest.  what is the profit i get after 10 years if i prefer Haalavana or gliricedia.  i am in confusion stage.  since the land is not cultivated before.  even i prefer green mulch/manure.

Can you please revert with the profile of land and its present status.
Location of the land for combination of inter crops can be suggest to have in it?


The land is at Kodlipete, in b/w Hassan & Coorg.  Land  has not cultivated before. 

Hi All,

I saw this old post and thought this was relevant here. These are some of the trees which can be grown in this region.

Ayu : means Ayurvedic medicinal uses

Botanical Name                Kannada name            Uses
Terminilia Arjuna         Hole matti               Ayu
Terminilia Belerica                               Timber, Ayu
Terminilia Tomentosa                       Ayu
Terminilia Chebula         Alalekayi               Timber, Ayu
Garcinia Indica         Kokum               Ayu
Garcinia Gummigutta                       Ayu
Petrocarpus Marsupium Honne                    Timber, Ayu
Petrocarpus Santalinus Rakta Chandana Ayu
Silver Oak
Dalbergia latifolia Beetae                 Timber
Ailanthus malabarica Matti
                                        Nandi                      Timber