Growing Teak in a Coconut Farm - infestation on coconut

I have a 2 Acre Coconut Farm interspersed with Teak trees. Both are 15 years old. The farm is in Kanchipuram District near Arakonam in Tamilnadu State. The Coconut yield is very poor and infested. Not sure what’s gone wrong. I am groping in the dark trying to find someone who can inspect the farm and advice me on further course of action. Can someone tell me whom to contact in this regard - Baskar

You can post some pictures and provide details like what manure you use, irrigation, rain fall in your area. etc.

take picture of leaves also.

Also check for sysmtons like does the leaves look like burnt?
Does stems ooze out red liquid?

what is the yield you are getting.

Also see some expert suggestions in below link

Thanks for your prompt response. I have a coconut farm of 2 acres near Arakonam at a place called Thakolam. Though the trees are 15 years old the yield is very poor and infested. This might also be due to the reason that the trees are interspersed with Teak trees. I live in Chennai and am an IT consultant. Would like to have an expert inspect the farm and advice me. Are you aware of someone in Kanchipuram district whom I can get it touch with in this regard?