Green tree cultivation

can anybody has news about green tree cultivation , now a days it is very much in demand.

You Require Green Tea or Green Tree Cultivation, kindly make it clear sir

green tree cultivation sir

Thank you Sir for getting a NEW Topic which is the Need of the Hour.!

TREE by nature itself is GREEN .Growing of  any Tree which is Providing Environment Protection while fetching Income to the Grower  is considered as GREEN TREE Farming . Moreover it should give early results. As far as my Knowledge is considered there are TWO Trees having the above features.One is Melia Dubia World’ which is Fastest Growing Tree in the world while protecting Environment in view of its Fastest and provides large amount of Bio-mass.Also it fetches a GOOD return to the Grower in a short span of SIX Years in Providing a GOOD quantum of Timber. Another TREE is Lakshmi Taru which is also Grows well and protects Environment while fetches a GOOD income to the Grower by the uses as Medicinal plant and also provides GOOD quantum of Edible Oils. Both the Trees will fetches a GOOD return in a Short Time.Both Timber on Imposition of Permanent Ban on Drawing Timber from the Forests imposed by Govt. of India and receding of Farming of Edible Oil seeds like Ground Nut ,Sesame etc. in view of the Continuous Drought Conditions this Lakshmi Taru will  fill the Gap of  Edible Oil demand.

Hence we can considered both the Trees  for GREEN TREE FARMING in view of these Tree are getting GOOD result in Growth,Ever Green, Fast Results, Fetching Good Returns to the Grower moreover supplementing the URGENT NEED to the Country’s  Essential needs while fetching  a GOOD income to the Growers while Protecting the Environment

Kindly go through the attachments of the Links containing  the details .
Melia Dubia (Malabar Neem:

2)  file:///C:/Users/Satya/Downloads/CULTIVATION%20OF%20MELIA%20DUBIA%20(2)%20(2).pdf