Green Chilli what problem is this

Dear All,

My plants have some problem.
i am unable to determine what kind of disease deficiency is this?
how to remove it?
Attached photos for your comments.Please help

Hi Pavan,

Picture 3 shows there is heavy thrifts attack. Pls look for some good chemical. Once i have these kind of attack in capsicum - and sprayed Spinosad (50ml) + Actara (40 gm) in 200 lt of water - i completely washed my plants. it had worked. You can try this combination - but don’t know how economical will this be for green chilli. I am looking for any other gud remedy - will let you know once i got it.


I have used antrapit
(300ml) & netti (120g) per acre.
Whether these will work.
Dosage suggested by you are for per acre or other area?
Please specify.

Dear all,
I have found the insect uploading image of the same. what is this and how to control it?
Plants are dying  drastically.