Green Capsicum in Open field

Dear All,

anyone having experience in open field cultivation of green capsicum.
I am about to start it and planted nursery for it.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and comments.

Nature is most favourable during current season.Cooling temperatures have set in and the capsicum if grown in open will bear good crops.The capsicum group plants suffer from wilt disease/ leaf curling etc so if you can protect the plants from that disease,your capsicum will show good results.


this year i have planted Indra - transplanted in 26th june. this is my first time in capsicum. there are couple of points i want to mention

  1. capsicum do not tolerate heat - i am from hyderabad. my experience shows that when temp is more than 35 - i got bad fruit (i think it is called sun scalled). from seed sowing to first harvest it takes 90 days and post that it give fruit for approx 90 days ( :slight_smile: no experience here on the end date - I just harvested for a month). So please ensure that temperature during your harvest time stays below 35 (you can check previous year’s temp in this url - and take a call)
  2. regarding fertilizer and pesticide - you can get enough from the other thread where Vivek, Aman and other people shared their everything. that discussion is my bible and i read the complete thread at least two times.
  3. the major pest in capsicum is thrifts - although i have not experienced it. there is one new pesticide called Benevia (from dupont) - i have applied that as per their prescription - i think that has worked. you need to talk to the company folks before taking any decision on this front.
  4. from approx 5000 plants i am getting approx 2 tn/month harvest

if any specific question please let me know ( :slight_smile: if i know the answer).


Thanks for the info.
As temperature in our area wont be any issue these days.
Lets see how it goes…
One more thing your have planted 5000 plants in how much area?

land is it’s little above 1/2 acre.

So it means row to row spacing and planting distance is maintained likr polyhouse.
Please update.
On more thing i have planted my nursery in Cocopeat trays.
Germination has started whether i should add fertilizer to it?
If yes then when and what is to be added?
Thanks in advance

My lateral to lateral spacing is 5 ft. each lateral is having two rows of plant (these two rows are 1 ft apart - 6" on either side of lateral) - plant to plant distance is approx 2 ft.

Regarding nursery - I have no idea. I raised nursery on open land.

As you already completed cycle in open field. Please help me on below queries

  1. what was your plant height and how you managed support tying as it is open not polyhouse
  2. We are using drip irrigation for it?have u used it also?
  3. From your experience can you please what would be major problems in upcoming days ?so that i can be prepared in advance for them