Grain Processing Equipment Repairing and Maintenance

The GRAIN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT is a multifunctional equipment whose core part is the motor. The motor is the driving device of every machinery, so is  the grain processing equipment.  How to make the motor low failure rate is the important task for operator.

Voltage imbalance, single-phase operation, winding open circuit failure or breakdown, poor starting and acceleration performance, etc. would cause the motor fault. There is scorched flavor and stink in motor. Motor overheating, winding burning, single-phase operation, winding failure, bearing failure, etc. will lead to the scorched flavor. Treatment measures: take timely remedial measures for problems found in the inspection,also by the maintenance cycle of the motor fasten screw and wiring, inspection, clean and maintain the motor and so on.

What’s more, if factory operator find grain processing equipment is working properly, but the quality of the product decline, it means the roller gap needs to be adjusted. You can compress the spring to ensure both ends of the roller same. It is also maybe because that the grinding using time is too long, and severely worn. When you find grain processing equipment yield is relatively small or no powder out, it may be because the screen was blocked. If the produced grain flour temperature is relatively high, what we should to do is to adjust the roller gap. If it is the cause of damaged roller, prompt repairing or replacement are required. In summer, pay attention to grain processing equipment heat dissipation.

After doing this, the grain processing equipment motor failure rate can be effectively reduced.