Grain Processing Equipment Plant Preparation

GRAIN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT needs designed plant, how to prepare the plant ?

When installing the grain processing equipment, we should notice that among the three live wires installed into the motor, there must be one through the ammeter, and the motor wheel counterclockwise; triangle belt’s tightness to be fit, not too loose or too tight; After installation, let the grain processing equipment idle for two minutes, be aware whether there is the abnormal vibration and noise.

What should be ready before the grain processing equipment starting? Grain processing generally adopts wet peeling method, which requires the processed grain moisture content is about 16-17%, and time of moistening with water for 10 minutes is advisable, just to wet the skin. It is prohibited that grain enters machine with water on the surface, otherwise the machine will be blocked.

Operation and shutdown: after the start of grain processing equipment normal operation, open feeding flapper, and control materials’ flow in inlet according to the power load. During grain processing equipment operating, if hearing any unusual sounds, immediately stop running and check the machine. When grain processing equipment blocking occurs, turn off the feed flapper, slowly turn the motor wheel by hand, and eliminate the grain in cabin, finally switch the grain processing equipment on again.