Good HF cows in Kolar & Mysore Area, Karnataka

Dear Users,
I heard thru few of my friends that we can get good breeds of HF Cows in Kolar & Mysore Area, Karnataka.
Pl. guide if anyone knows about the same.


Dear Guru,

There are lot of markets in and around of Bangalore. Erode and Kaveripattinam are better options for you.

  1. Dont prefer buy from unknown people. You will get cheated.
    2.Dont prefer animals from far away places. They will take almost a year to get adjusted to new place and new type of food.
    I have an instance: My neigbhour bought one HF from Erode. It stopped eating fodder after it was brought here. He sold it to throwaway price to another person telling the truth. The second person tried one whole year to adjust new food system and new climate etc.

3.Brokers rule the market, you need to know how to tackle them.

To avoid all above hastles best option is to buy surplus animals from known dairy within your vicinity