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Dea sir
we have two acres of land in guntur dist of AP. I want to start goat farm with 50 goats. As i am new to goat farming how much cost the project and how much loan could be availed from bank. Fodder could be grown in the farm of two acres please advice

Dear Sir:

I have about10 Jamnapari goats ( 4 male and 6 female.) All are grown up and breeding stage. These are at Hyderabad.
I prefer to sell them as a single batch to breeders but not to cullers.

If you are interested or if you have any one who is interested in taking them, kindly let me know. I have reared them inorganic grass and ground nut de-oiled cake etc., They are vaccinated and regularly de-wormed.

Price is not important - but interest in keeping them for long time is important.
I can be reached on ykamesh at gmaildotcom.

Thank you.

Dear sir , we are interested in your deal kindly send details on following

Dear sir, We can help you for goat farm establishment with zero consultancy charges. Pls. sen us the following details.

  1. Which breed you want to purchase
  2. Qty. of breed
  3. What is your fodder management
  4. Capacity of your shed
  5. Dry fodder availability
  6. Your own investment ?
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