Goat Farming- Tips

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We, Shine Farms has  developed for our valued customers  the Project report  on Goat farming by which they can get a complete idea about the Goat farming and what ever are the Queries we will answer by email or Phone.

This is very good time to purchase the project report on goat farming for the people who are interested in starting the Goat farm at there home place or any where  after Monsoon as it is not recommended even for enemies also to start the Goat farm during the rainy season

Our Project Report Cost is very reasonable and it cost only 1000 Rupees and which includes the following 14 topics

 Distribution of Various Goat Breeds in India

 Introduction & Advantages on Goat farming

 Training Institutes details in India

 Marketing Strategy

 Green fodder Production for the Goats

 Various Products from Goats

 Complete details of Osmanabadi Goats

 General Guide lines based on practical experience & theoretical guide  lines

 Goat Diseases ,Symptoms and treatment

 Assumptions taken to prepare the project report

 Normal & Low Cost Shed.

 Feeding facilities

 Expenditure - capital cost which is 1 time set up & running cost & profit for 1 year.

 Correct Procedure for transportation of Goats to your farm and caring after arrival at your farm.

Note: This Project Report can used to set up any type of Goat farm in India but only difference will be in prices of Male & Female Goats which will be purely depend upon type of Breed the Customers selects.

Here are some tips for you brother as you are in initial stage of this business.

You can take land any where you want but see the following points before purchasing

      Water in the land

      Near by village so that labour can be easily available

      Near by Vet nary Clinic

      Title of the land is clear is not or their any litigations or not

      Easy transport from your place

      With in your Budget

      Away from Naxalite area

      Check whether other farmers are their in that area or not

Before starting the goat farming it is very essential to acquire goat management skills as this will help you in knowing the advantages of goat farming over sheep farming or other small ruminants like rabbit, different types of goat breeds in India and which breeds will be more suitable and can survive in your environment of Climate, types of farming but I recommend you to do semi intensive farming as less usage of fodder can be used from your land and animals can get exercise  which can also help the Goats to be active during Mating Season, feeding schedule, breeding methods such folk system, pen system and Artificial Insemination, types of diseases like PPR, ET, Goat Pox that will effect goats, labour and fodder management and many more Management Styles.

Don’t purchase the live stock from local market, planned the fodder according to seasons and in time, managing the labour properly, vaccinating the live stock at specific time and with experience Nurse, Keeping qualified doctors for advice, beware of the Goat disease out break in surrounding areas, don’t buy the Live stock during Rainy Season, precaution against like serious diseases during Rainy Season, Security of farm from outsiders and not to allow the farmers to enter in your farm who are coming from Goat Diseases affected area.

We are showing our interested in working with you on your project, we can not only supply you Pure Line and certified quality of Osmanabadi  Breeding goats at 165 Rupees / kg and Bucks  for 220 Rupees / Kg which can be  suitable for  any  type of Indian Climate  but also we can act as your Design and Supervision Consultant and help you to Design a sustainable and economical shed, planting various type of fodder according to season, fodder Management, feed Management, People and Organization Management and availability of land in your area by coordinating with Local Real Estate Agents, giving you De worming and Vaccination Schedule, 24 x7 Service and many more service as agreed.

Here are the few advantages of Osmanabadi Breed:

1- These goats are native of Osmanabad, Maharashtra which enjoys its border with A.P; Osmanabad has similar type of climate as some parts of A.P and Karnataka. These goats are also showing a very good performance in all the state as per the survey conducted by Krishi Vigyan Kedra. We are dealing weekly 20-30 inquiries from U.K,USA, European Union, African Continent,  Oman, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Bangladesh and Yemen which are thousands of Kilometre from Osmanabad and also from  Kashmir, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, U.P, Rajasthan, West Bengal and all Southern & Central States regarding this Breed.

2- Osmanabadi goat shows a very efficient reproductive performance and resistance against diseases not only in well managed semi stall feeding system but also in severe drought conditions. As per research conducted by NARI on Osmanabadi Goats in Maharashtra, in spite of drought which occurred in 2007 and 2008, there was no drop in the productivity rate of Osmanabad goat (Nimbkar, Pawar and Chavan 2010- NATIONAL SEMINAR on Stress Management in Small Ruminant Production and Product Processing Jaipur 29-31 January 2010)

3- The age at the first kidding is around 15 months with the lactation length of around 130 days. The dressing percentage varies from 55- 60 %. In favourable conditions the does will breed twice a year, twinning is very common and the milk yield ranged form 700 gm to 1500 gm.

4- From 30 kg live weight, you will get 18 kg of meat. In this 12 kg loss is due to non edible part of meat like Viscera, Hide, etc.

5- The leather of osmanabadi goat is fairly of good quality and its meat is preferred by majority of the rural and urban population in southern India.

6- In the end the weight of 6 months of Kid will be 22-25 Kg in well managed farm.

In addition to above we are the  suppliers of Goat / Sheep Live Stock in Bulk for Meat Purpose and can supply any amount of goat / sheep in Bulk to any were in India or abroad.

If you are interested and new more details please contact us at under signed email address.

Do you stock up Boer Goats also? What is the cost for Buck & Doe?