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Dr Shaik Saheb,

Thank you so much for your kindness in study and spreading the technology for the needy farmers.

Very happy in knowing that Osmanabadi goats reciprocate well for Broiler goat farming. Apart from that you have already studied on Broiler goat farming and study results are good, can take your help in technology after purchasing some Osmanabadi goats from you. Mean while , if your study report copy can be sent to me, by email, I will be thankful to you. my email is    gipirow@gmail.com

I will be in touch with you sir, for project further steps.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer


Dear g.p.rao,
Sorry the study report cant be share, it is an private report,the study has been done on behalf of Government,so they doesn’t allows me to share the report to any one, otherwise it will be violation of their laws and they have signed me a patent regarding no to share the report publicly,only i have shared a few conclusions in my above posts.
Goat specialist Doc.


Dr Shaik saheb,                                                    you are right and thank you sir. I understand your problems with commitment. The clarifications given by you are sufficient. I will go a head and meet you, takes your  help in goats supply.                                                            Wish you the best sir,  g.p.Rao,    farmer 


Dear Dr. Shaikh,

Thank you for this subject.

Request you to please outline (in details) here, for a Goat farm, all the tasks/activities that are carried out in;

  1. day to day routine activities
  2. Periodic tasks related to fodder and animals.

It will be of great help.

With Regards,


Dear Farazuddin,
Day to day activities can be witten in short,For complete explanation visit my website www.goatfarm.co.in in that goat farm project report,there you will get A-Z activities and other details.
Goat Specialist Doc.
Phd Goat Farming.


Sir Shaikh,

i Have sent you an email. could you please check that. Thanks


Dear tkkumar8321,
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Sir, I didnt received any email. Could you please cross check again. Thanks


Dear Mr Shaikh,

I have 6 acres fully fenced land 75kms from Bangalore and want to start goat/sheep farm if its 100% profitable, I have zero knowledge about it

can I avail any subsidiary government loan (land in Tamilnadu)




I wish to know about goat farming and for 100 goats farming how much capital and land required.


Dear Dr Shaikh,

I am going to start a goat farm on 1 acre land (i am going to purchase this land). I have read your comments where you mentioned that one can feed only 1 KG hydroponic fodder per day or else it would lead to loose motions . What should i do as i would be having limited land availability.




I am from chennai and interested to join goat farming partnership, let me know.



contact gaurav malik
watsap or call 8394055008
vsm goat farming solutions and consultancy


Government schemes for goat farms:

The rearing of goats in India is primarily carried out in the states of Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarpradesh, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. These states have the terrain and climate suitable for goat rearing.

The governments of these states have announced various subsidy schemes in association with local banks and NABARD to encourage farmers to rear goats.

Government subsidies:

Investment credit leads to capital formation through asset creation. It induces technological upgradation resulting in increased production, productivity and incremental income to farmers and entrepreneurs. NABARD provides Long Term and Medium Term Refinance to banks for providing adequate credit for taking up investment activities by farmers and rural artisans etc.

Loan obtained for goat farm,required documents:

KYC documents for identification. b. Stamp size/Passport size photographs of the borrowers in duplicate. c. Cropping pattern. d. Copies of land records regarding lands owned/leased as certified by revenue authorities. e. Latest land tax paid receipts are to be produced for verification. f. Original/certified copies of the title deeds and other required documents to satisfy that the applicant is the true and legal owner of the land whenever landed property is offered as security/where developments are proposed and that it is free from encumbrance. g. Project report to be produced wherever applicable. h. Proforma invoice / invoice should be submitted wherever applicable.

Which bank provides you the loan

SBI, Bank of Maharashtra, IDBI Bank, Canara Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, NABARD