Ginger variety and seed source

Dear all,
I am a farmer in Nalagonda dist, Talangana. This year I am planning for ginger cultivation. Can anyone please help me about

  1. Which variety to go for (I will prefer resistance variety than high yielding variety as I am first time into ginger firming)
  2. Where to get seed rhizome for ginger ( if u can help with no and address)
  3. I am going to raise nursery. In which month I need to start raising nursery in my area. Most of the farmers here grow cotton and if you know any farmer in Nalagonda doing ginger cultivation, pls share contact details.

Just trying to make the thread visible. ;D

Can anyone pls help with some info. Heard that Mahim is good variety.


Waiting for some clue…

Experts or farmers… Share some experience so that I can start…