Ginger plantation

Dear forum members,

I intend to plant ginger. Need your expert advice on following queries I have

  1. Is it still good time to plant ginger. My farm is near Kolhapur and it has started raining there. Though there is slope and water shouldn’t stay long but still it would have more water than usual.
  2. Where do I get seeds? What’s the best place to get seeds? And approx cost for half acre?
  3. What kind of yield should I expect?

Looking forward to hear from you


Hurry!time for ginger plantation is running fast.While you are in the last stage to search for seeds as no time is left you can go to local mandi and purchase ginger in gunny bag.All ginger is sprouting now.One quintal should suffice for you.For quality seeds contact local seeds market or kvk.

Ginger germinate only in season starting from Feb second week to April Last week. Do you think it is still good time? In my place they dont germinate because of monsoon rain.

Ginger starts sprouting in the months of May-June in north India.The same stands for kolhapur.Going in to south of vindhyachal ranges and  going further south towards Andhra,tamilnadu,kerala etc,they have different climatic regions altogether.The rains in kerala precede all other states of India by about one month.In the similar manner ginger in your region may be sprouting in different months.However it has been seen the plantation timings observed every where  in India are the months of May-June for ginger as well as turmeric.Kindly revert back if it is at variance.