Ghee preparation in dairy farm

I own a dairy farm. I would like to extract cream from 100 litres of milk everyday and prepare ghee. Please help me clarify some of the questions -

  1. I am planning to use a centrifugal milk cream separator (from companies like Sinhal or Mahesh Eng works).

  2. As I understand, this cream has to be stored in a refrigerator. Is it correct ? How long the cream can be stored?

  3. What is the process to prepare Butter from this cream ? Can Ghee be prepared directly from Cream ? is there any equipment/machine to extract butter or ghee from Cream ?

  4. is there a need to ferment the cream , before butter is extracted ?

thank you,
-Ganapathi Bhat

Use within a week. Yes, Keep it in refrigerated condition or freezer (1-4 months) for long life.  By heating, cream can be converted to ghee. No special equipment. Any heating device will do.  Buy seperators from good companies ensuring after sales service & spares. 


thank you srivinayakatvm. Some more Qs on this …

  1. If I put 100 litres of Milk (4.5% fat) into the separator, What is the output qty of skim milk and cream ? How much of ghee will I get at the end ?

  2. What is the next step ? Cream->Butter->Ghee OR Cream -> Ghee ? Which process will give better quality ghee ?

  3. If Cream->Butter->Ghee is the better option, Should I ferment this cream, by adding yogurt before butter is extracted?

  4. How to extract butter from cream ? are there machines for this purpose ?

  5. Should butter be stored for some period before it is converted to Ghee ?

Thank you,
-Ganapathi Bhat.

100 liters of milk with a fat content of 40 gms  per liter  will produce 96.25 liters of milk containing 26 g per liter of fat, ie; 3.75 liter of cream.

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hi Ganapathi Bhat.
yes u have to use centrifugal machine to extract cream from the raw milk, then u have to chill the cream and use mixer to convert it into butter then u can convert the butter into ghee by heating process