Getting Bananas Throughtout the year

Hi All,

Was searching into the other posts on Banana in farmnest for info on how to get Banana’s throughout the year.

  1. 12 Acres  Tungabhadra dam irrigated (Bellary), flood irrigated.
  2. Variety Yalakki. under Palekar’s method.

Palekar says(in his book) to plant the banana every 3 months to get yield throughout the year.

Did anybody try this for this Variety ?


We have an example in farm visit section. Check Shankarappa, Gubbi. Farm.

He leaves one ratoon sucker for every three months, i.e.  One original plant gives 4 bunches in a year. he has planned it like a monthly income. it is easy to market and harvesting. You dont have to depend on anybody.

The drawback is that the bunch weighs less. … /#msg10916

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