G9 Banana - tissue cultured saplings around Chitrudurga and Davangere

Wher do i get tissue cultured G9 banana Near Chitrudurga and Davangere !

Thank you

Reputed dealers of TC Banana are Cadila Pharma and Jain Irrigation. There are others but I have seen the output of these two firms. It is time tested and good quality. You can expect 20 -25kg per plant with good resistance.

Usually for good order, they will transport it to your farm or a convinient location. Try calling up your local office. Contact number for your state can be found on their websites.

My only advice is use a tested company as you will be spending 2.5 years with the plant. Get other options from local farmers who have been doing it for long. That is what I did.
Good luck

Thank you Sir,

A.G Biotech in Hyderabad are also having Proven Performance and that too they are the Exporters  of the Tissue Culture Banan to several Countries.Those who are in and around Hyderabad can rely upon their Product of Tissue Culture Banana.