Fruit spots - is this because of excess Sunshine?

Hi Folks

We have a few Thai / Taiwan Guava plants. Over the last couple of weeks we noticed the fruits were getting brown and / or yellowish spots. It is not rot or pest infestation, as the fruit is firm and retains taste and color inside when cut.
Could this be due to sudden increase in temperature which is at 40s or is this from any deficiencies
Please share your thoughts


It is a scab disease caused by fungus due to excess humidity especially in Thaiwan guava .

Dear Sri Xisfan, pl refer  and you will get most answers for your problems and you will be benefited i believe. Pl see it sir. g.p.rao, farmer

Thank you Mr. Ramu, will treat few of the affected plants with fungicide and observe. Use rest as control

Thanks Mr. Rao - had gone thru the link in general and found it useful


Thank you friend …

Kindly take a look at few pictures of guava plantation done under UHDP 2 M by 2 M …Just 8 months old …The plants are doing excellent with heavy flowering in the month of April 2015 …I only advised the farmer friend to remove all the flowers …I just told him to train the plant first and allow to flower at 18 months after planting …Our aim is to get an extraordinary yield of 25 MT marketable quality / Export quality …Gradually we will manage this guava farm to produce around 40 MT in 6 to 7 th year. The fruit size is excellent and taste and aroma is very good .The good thing note here is the soil PH is 8.9…But good management and innovative cultivation practices followed right from the planning and planting stage started giving very good result .