Free Template Mango Economics under UHD available for use

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Special thanks to Kaustubh for providing information / data based on his experience with his own uhd mango farm (

Template structure & nomenclature credit to Nabard model bankable project reports (organic) (

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Great work brijesh and saverafarms! Especially pleasing to see you chose to share your hardwork with the community!


Excellent work Brijesh and Savera farms… Appreciate your work.

Thanks a lot for the share.

Thank you Mr.Brijesh

Thanks a lot Brajesh and Savera Farms for your Kind Givingness !

Warm Regards !

Anant Joglekar

Still a Questions in My mind is this
Who got sustainable yields in above models on every year and still continuing?
Should we focus on just returns or for the life? I say for life.

UHD is like T20 match- High competition and high risk, short life. It can end its life in front of you.
UD is One day match in which competition with reasonable risk with no life span. It will also may not survive because of competition and
Traditional method is test match and it can sustain for long life- You can get fruits for generations.

good information congrats Mr. Brijesh and thanks Mr. Chandra for infomation.

Thank you all, if some of you could contribute on more information on this then I can update the excel sheet further

basically if someone can let me know a realistic approximation of time / material required (based on year of plantation) then it would be great

e.g. how much vc would ideally be required in year 1, or year 5

or what is the level of NPK you would recommend for non organic

pruning efforts

harvesting efforts

additional inputs (foilar, organic , non organic etc)


Thanks Brijesh for the work book, it is very helpful.

Just to introduce myself I am Srinivas who have recently bought a 9 acre farm around 100km from Hyderabad, in Medak dist. There is a mango plantation in about 5 Acs with 2 and 4 year plants. I saw the video and have a small question, at 1 place in the video they say they require 6 Lts of water per plant per hour, I hope this is for a day (6lts per plant per day) hope my assumption is correct.


HI Srinivas,

Where in Medak dist, please let me know. I am a native of Medak dist and planning for plantations this year.


Dear Mr Srinivas,

Please contact you rlocal KVK for answers to your queries, they will be able to give you the right advice by looking at various factors at your location / plantation etc. Do not risk commercial cultivation on the basis of assumptions


Hi i am looking for a consultant who can implement UHD mango farming in my 2.5 acres land…i have total 17 acres land.