Forum cleanup in progress


The FarmNest team is currently doing some clean up of the forum to make it more useful the to the FarmNest community. If you are receiving some emails that your topics have been moved or removed, it is because of this exercise. Essentially, this is what is being done:

  • Reorganizing boards so that relevant information is posted and found easily
  • Moving topics to the right boards
  • Removing topics no more valid today
  • Removing advertisements from the forum (remember all ads (buy/sell/offer/wanted etc.) should be posted in the (free) FarmNest Ads section and not in the forum)

Do let us know if you have any questions or comments by posting to … ck-thread/


Several hundreds of topics have been removed recently, largely commercial buy and sell offers, to maintain the forum quality. If you have received any notifications that some topics have been removed, don’t worry, it is because of this routine cleanup.

Of course, all fresh offers and requests can be posted at