FOR Sale - Innovative Solar based Food dehydration plant

  • Innovative Solar based Food dehydration plant is for SALE
  • Capacity - 100 Kg
  • 8 Solar Collectors
  • Powder coated rust proof support for solar collectors
  • Fully Closed Dryer - Protection from dust, pollution, insects,
  • 24 Stainless steel trays (304 grade)
  • Glass wool Insulation
  • 1 HP Motor for hot air circulation
  • Electric Panel with Temperature Controller & RTD Sensors
  • Backup - 3 KW Electric heaters
  • One - Industrial grade Vegetable & fruit cutting machine with multipurpose Stainless Steel blades
  • One - Industrial grade Pulverizer (Stainless Steel) for making powder of dried products.

Fitting - Plant is portable. It can be fitted on house terrace, open farm & does not require big space. Plant can be shifted in small truck to anywhere in India.

Best Mechanism -
Day time - Plant runs fully on solar energy in day time. 100 % solar energy used. Almost runs free of cost for whole day.
Night time - You can use 3 Kw Electric heaters as backup for rainy season or night time in case of extra demand of product.

Reason for Sale - 100 Kg pilot is complete & successful. Going for bigger 2 Ton plant. We can support you by purchasing your products & will share few of our buyer’s direct contacts.

Please contact if you like to purchase.

Please give me detail and quotation…on my email

What is the amount you are expecting?
my mail ID is; Hyderabad.
Thank you.

I am interested please call me or WhatsApp details on 7892986011. Or email on

Hi. I am Sudha from Hyd . I am intrested in the defydrator. can u tell me the dimensions and the price u r quoting for it

please send quote to for attention of Bhaskar Patel at Tropiman Agro Products Ltd. tel 8490066700

Send information to

Thank you. I have sent detailed information to all on your email ID.

Awaiting your reply for further clarification
Reply to
Or call me 8490066700
Bhaskar Patel

Please let me know the cost and please send the picture by whats app to 09447488037
regards shebi


We are interested! What is your contact detail?
Please mail me your contact detail and the price.


Dear Biplab,
I have sent you email with full details.