Foliar Spray for Green leaves

I understand that there are some Foliar sparay formulation, which when sprayed on Green leaves can increase the photosynthesis/growth of the plant.

Can someone guide me of the various products available ?

Hi Sanjay ,yes there are foliar Spray formulation which when sprayed on leaves it helps to increase growth of plants , you can try biofix Libra and biofix grorich plus have used the above products which are natural and chemical free on my fields on vegetables which has given fantastic results for growth and yields on my farm of 5 acres in Saswad ,Pune
For more information on above products you can call 020-67111010

simple. cow urine or urine of animal used at one percent can be used as a very good growth promoter.

This is really an interesting question. All micronutrients are best if sprayed on leaves.
Fish amino and egg amino are the best foliar sprays in this category.