Fodder Trees


In one of my friends farm, we are planning to grow the following Fodder Trees and we require the seeds.

  1. Leucaena leucocephala - Subabul - 0.5 kg to 1Kg
  2. Gliricidia Sepium - Gliricidia - 0.5 kg to 1Kg
  3. Sesbania Grandiflora- Agathi Seeds - 0.5 kg to 1Kg

If anybody has suggestions on other fodder trees, please provide them as well.

You can go for drumstick as well.


Which variety is suited for fodder in Moringa?

I dont know variety name but here in karnataka, KMF distributes seedlings every year and the variety rarely fruits. It is majorly leafy variety. You should check in TNAU or veterniary dept for information on variety name.
Or put any variety and keep pruning, drumstick will give good leaf yield and you can use fruits also from some trees.