Fodder Block Making Machine

[color=blue]Advantage of Dry Fodder Bale[/color]

[li]Easy, cost Effective & safe Transportation.[/li]
[li]Agro-Residue block can be loaded 9 ton in one truck. [/li]
[li]Fodder can be transported from surplus to deficit areas and difficult hilly area easily without transit loss.[/li]
[li]4-7 times more can be stored in Bale form in campier to Loose Fodder.[/li]
[li]Shelf life long so can be made available throughout the year.[/li][/ol]

[color=blue]Process of Agro Waste Bale Making Machine[/color]

[li]After chopping the material (any type of agro waste) having moister level less than 11% and size not more than 40mm to 60mm, then material is put in the Baling chamber manually or automatically, then machine is started the push start by button and material is automatically pressed and bale come out through the shots which is covered manually by polybag and bale come out automatically in it packed.[/li]
[li]Then polybag is sealed with sealing machine.[/li][/ul]

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