Florigen -technology

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“FLORIGEN TECHNOLOGY” – is developed  by BIOFARMS to  Improve crop production of all crops.

Asafoitida- 500 gm + Aswagandha Powder(Withania somnifera)- 1kg + Jaggary -2 kg + Sugar 2 kg +

Yeast  25 gm mix all contents in 50 lits water and keep it for  14  days.

Spray  Take -250 -500 ml/200 lits water  along with fertilizers /pesticides see its effects,

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IF you are a Organic farmer  – Plse add 20 lits of cow urine + Sheep /goat urine -10 lits and add  20

lits  water  –  make 50 lits . REST OF  THE  THING  IS SAME. IT can correct Nitrogen Deficiency also


sir., sorry to ask…is there any substitute to goat/sheep urine…because its very very tough to get in our area…i have lots of
deshi cow urine :-[ :-[ :-[

Dear Mr Udai,

Plse go ahead with cow urine  but add  10 gms  Salt (Sodium chloride ) in the mixture.

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