First time in farming - need guidance

I am first timer in farming… taking ~3 acre land on lease around hyderabad… planning for banana and vegetable… soil is red and sandy…

1 acre G9 banana (tur dal / tomato as intercrop)- chemical farming - 3 crop in 2 years

2 acre vegetable (4 vegetable - 0.5 acre each) - organic/natural farming (no chemical)… vegetables combination for one year: Onion + Cabbage; Chilli + Peas + Bitterguard; French Bean + Capsicum; green leaf

all my knowledge is from internet… so i am writing here to get practical input…

Is it looks feasible/profitable to do farming on the above combination… please suggest if i need to change any of the combinations… also i need help from where i can get organic seed…


Hi Joydev,
    profits in agri depends on lot of factors including weather .
I have few questions which will help you .

  • Are you planning to take care of farming by yourself  ?
  • If you are planning to have care taker, ensure you have trustworthy person, because farming with remote do not work, most of the times.
  • Do you have permanent water source, do you have infrastructure for irrigation .
    *If you are planning for vegetables, how you are going to transport and market it, do you have road access, market is nearby ?
  • Is your farm fenced , any wild life threat ?
  • Please do water and soil testing, which will give your clear idea of plantation, crops you should plan.
    Farm needs lot of investment .
    Be careful with banana it needs good amount of investment and you are totally new to farming, it also needs constant attention, good planning .

I will suggest you please have some hands-on  experience . It looks very simple but first timers do lot of mistakes which takes toll on produce . Please do  go just by figures


Thank you so much PPB. It’ll definitely help me to plan better…

As of now I will be doing part time till I am required full-time (I am presently employed… So little cautious on the timing  :slight_smile:

Land is very close to Hyderabad … 25 km from city center… Have bore and completely fenced…

Will do soil and water testing as recommended… Will rethink on banana…

Thank you once again…

If anyone can help me on where to get organic seed in Hyderabad…

Hello Joydev,
I am like you, am planning to start farming. I would like to know on what terms you procured the land on lease, that is how many years and lease rent? I would highly appreciate your input. And thanks in advance. I am in Nashik.

Kind regards

Umesh Chauhan

I am on similar boat. Will love to connect with you for ideas / collaboration. Thanks – Manish. 99081 12221

Hello, Joydev,

me too,first time in farming. just acquired 4 acres of land near riverside in gujarat.
It was nice to see that at least you have some line of action ready.
seems lot many members are from south. Anybody from gujarat who can advice keeping in mind scenario over here. 

hi every body,
                    i am a professional,was taking break from job due to family reasons,and was very much interested and working in farm with no experience in this field for last 1 yr.
the site is 40 km from hyderabad. My experience during this time was, in short

It requires super full time hard work from u,strict monitoring,commitment.better to stay on site till u get satisfied with u r plans.(if u r not monitoring then ignore farming)
dealing with expensive equipments and maintenance cost,unreliable labour,power,climate,, poor govt support and guidance
theft is major issue for like motors, starters,wires,and stock.
I felt farming is amazing and satisfying experience but its not profitable most of the times if u think as investment.but minimum u can take home rice, pulses and some vegetables  but not commercial means its not worth it.finally take as much time to research,and start from little investment one at a time. minimum thing u can buy for free is time

thank you

I Under stand your emotions , Nothing comes Free, (Including Time), Do not blame Government .
Theft:  In any business you need to take care of 2 things, One is your Cash box and then is your Dustbin.
Commercial Farming: Not worth? This forum is got so many success full farmers,Rather than blaming the system ,Kindly ask for solutions,
You will sure find a way out.
If what you say is reality then most of the farmers would have Left farming and u will not find so many people involving in farming.
I kindly request you to rethink on farming and stop giving wrong message ,Just because you where not able to be successful and you took few Kilograms of Rice at last.

I am sorry if i am Hard by words. All business need Time management, Waste Management, Labor Management, Government Support,
Positive thinking, Business model, Investment,Training, quality control, Environment control,Natural disaster management, Insurance.

[size=180]Farming is not time pass. Its an serious business like rest.[/size]

Hi vertical(hope its u r name),
            Thanks for prompt comment,let me be clear,I am SUCESSFULL
I am not advising people not to think farming.there is a lot difference between first time farming as investor than generations involved in farming (as family business or full time farmer),
I accept some new comers can be successfull.
As a fresher my comments were just serious concerns you have to face in this field and be practical all time,not going blindly by new projects and figures show in various topics in internet.
I had basic exposure as a working farmer,They deserve a great respect keeping there life at risk and feeding nation.Its so disgusting to see farmers commiting suicides and we munching on their hard work.

please put u r true name first and then comment to have constructive dialogue on this

Relax my friend,

It explains ,I don’t want to further elaborate.

When it comes to my name, You should go through my other post before commenting, Where i feel my name has to be mentioned i have,and No hard rule to say Names in forum ,Unless you are here to make a business. I am here to learn and share .

Not all get there name as Nick(name availability), i do research on vertical farming so i prefer people to identify me as VERTICAL.