First time farmer - need guidance

hello friends

typically, i have loads of questions as a first time farmer (at least legally & officially, if that works out)
though, with expert participation & guidance from a very close friend we have built probably India’s first of it’s kind permaculture small farm near kolkata. going by it’s success in the first few months itself (now it is 14 months running), we have replicated the model in a smaller scale in rajasthan (jaipur), which is coming up well so far. but this land is around our factory and the land had never been cultivated.
once a polyhouse is built we are sure it will rock in the next few months itself given the success even in the desert heat.
once this thing takes off & we get substantial produce, we shall scale it up to larger farm land by the year end.

my questions are like this:

  1. am i allowed to buy / own farm / agriculture land in rajasthan?
  2. what should be a well water-connected land near jaipur cost?
  3. what should be a minimum size of land to procure
  4. the farm will not be an out and out commercial project, but rather like a occupation mode, where we want to replicate our successful models there and encourage and promote the ideas to small farmers around the area for development of the community towards growing food organically. we have enough cumulative knowledge to convince the viability of such a practice
  5. need a reliable polyhouse builder and drip installation company

there are many more questions that will sprout in response to the answers to the above questions

thank you guys in advance