FARMONEY an android app for farmers

Hello all,

We have developed a book keeping app for farmers and other general users. It is called FARMONEY and can be freely downloaded from google play store.

This is a book keeping android app is exclusively developed for farmers to keep track of their financial transactions and farm related activities. General users can also get benefit by using several sections. There are eighteen sections for documentation in this app which can be divided into three main categories

A) Financial section: This includes sub sections such as Daily expenditure and income, Bank loans, Other loans, Share market and LIC details. In all the sections, it is possible to easily enter details and generate report with respect to particular time period.

B) Farm related activities: This includes Labor book, Map my farm, Crop wise expenditure/Income, market information, Rainfall, Livestock and Dairy

C) General Information: Subsections include To do list, Personal information, Camera, Feedback and Settings