Farmnest Members Meet-2015-Bengaluru



If you are in chennai plan one meet yourself.  Post the venue and dates


Great going, unfortunately most of us missed it. Please post updates regarding the meet, can’t wait for pictures  :sunglasses:


Dear sir,
i would be interested
i have an organic farm growing vegetables and herbs
any sunday is ok
may 3rd is ideal


Dear All

organizing a meet is not so easy.  3rd May we do not have meets.

Planning one in coming months.  Will update the same.

If anyone want specific meet in their farms please PM me your contact no. will meet you in your forms and ready to share the knowledge what we have.

Regards / Krishnaprasad


Waiting for the pics and writeup yet, indeed!
Thanks Sri and Subramani for taking the initiative! Great work!


Dear sir
I am interested in attending. Please let me know the location.


Dear Sir,
I would like to attend.
Suresh B V


Hi, All
I would like to attend the Next meet
Kindly let me know
We have 40 acre of land include 60 milking cows, several sheeps, Poultry, and plantations
Ibrahim Khan
R & K farms


Dear Sri,

Thank you Sri, Subramanian and KP for organising this meet, it was very good for people like me who are interested in Natural farming.

It will be good idea to meet once in three months to exchange ideas, issues and concerns.

Here are few photos.




Could not attend and missed it very much.  Request every body who participated to write something and somebody could post a detailed write up. Thanks in advance. 


I think i missed the meet. Sorry to follow up as due to tight work schedule.
Was very much wanted to meet and expolore.



I would like to attend.i am in kerala. Kindly notify dates ,I prefer weekdays


Sorry, some how I missed the meet. Can some body share the out come of the meet and contact details of all participants
K. Gowda.


Just saw this message.
Did this meet happen?
Would be interested in such meetings- preferably on a week end if that works for the organiser and others.
Am getting into Organic farming shortly in the Hindupur district.


None of them read the original post…

Dont they understand they have call the organizer and confirm their date…

They keep asking the same questions repeatedly…


Hello vishwanath from bangalore, i am interested,  can contact me at



Hi… Mr. Chandra Garu what about our Forum Members’ Meet in Hyderabad.


This is old

start a new one

better if an event is created in FB
it send reminders to all those interested
so that no one will forget the venue


I too would love to meet some experienced farmers as I am a newbie who is just starting off.