Farming idea in Himachal Pardesh

Hi I am sunilnaths. My age is 45. I am going to take Pre -Retirement and start Agriculture and Horticulture farming in Himachal Pardesh. I want to know what to start with to enable to earn and lead a peaceful life. I can Invest a sum of about Rs. 10  to 15 Lakhs.

  1. Growing trees
  2. Poly farming
  3. Cash crops
  4. Or any other type.
    Please note that in Himachal ( Hamirpur /Bilaspur )where I want to start farming there is terrace farming with water mainly from rain only.
        Detail reply will be appreciated.
        Also Consultants  who can help me can contact me.

Dear sunilnaths

While I appreciate your interest to get into farming I should caution you the pitfalls.
Imo farming is a science that can be mastered only by doing it practically rather than learning the theories

Since you are thinking capital intense polyhouse farming why not start small, learn the practical nitigities real life before thinking or doing big.

If I were in your position I would first jog down which crop is cash rich could be exotic flowers or fruits or even capsicum etc and do it small and later expand.

With great altitude and amazing weather as bless you could achieve great success with sincere efforts and meticulous planning.

Good luck and please do pm your contact details to be in touch.


visit ICAR, Directorate of Mushroom Reasearch in Solan-Himachal Pradesh see below link for contact details.

There is a big scope for button mushroom. Officials may guide you.

You can grow medicinal plants crops in the area.There may be good herbal growers nurseries in the area.You can get their guidance and grow chirayata,asparagus,lodhra,jatamamsi etc in the area.Our society can help you, if you so want, provided the land is not less than 10 acres.Any land area less than that will be non viable in Bilaspur/hamirpur region.
Director medicinal plants research & propagation society