Farming around Visakhapatnam

I am a lurker who is keen on getting into farming. Looking to network with some members on this board that are running farming operations around Vizag. Would appreciate your inputs on the following :

  • Looking at buying about 5-10 acres . What the locations that are desirable from farming point of view? What is a ballpark budget that I should be considering?
  • I believe most of land around vizag does not have irrigation. What are some crops that can be grown?
  • Any other advice for a wannabe farmer is welcome and deeply appreciated.

What is your name sir?
Select which ever the land as per your choice along with budget and than just assist the nature to get what ever you want to eat. No matter you are selecting the place, but your efforts make miracles in the farm. Than you feel great for creating something new at your land.

All the best.

Hello sir,
i’m Rajendra looking to start an organic products business ,i’m an MBA graduate present working in vizag. looking forward to work with you in organic farming, hope you will reply me at

Dear Rajendra,
Welcome on forum, wishing you all the best in agriculture.

Land around visakhapatnam is very costly and lands suitable for paddya and sugaecate cost around 20 lakhs per acre. ypu better try vakada anandapuram where land is cheaper and you may get between 2 lakhs and 5 lakhs. you can start vegetables supply to visakhapatnam with dairy farm .  you better follow  SUBHASH  PALEKARS METHODS OF FARMING wherein you can get reasonable profit by following organic methods.


I am also palnning to start in this monsoon…

Due to long real estate recession in AP, lands around Narsipatnam looks cheaper 2Lakh to 3 Lakh…

More than 3 Lakh per acre is not a good investment for agriculture


@AMEDEUS…sir., if u are still intrested at buying land at vizag  dor round around 3lks…and any organic farming…near vizag u can callme…
iam a resident farmer of vizag…  mobile…9885076691 0r sms me…thanks