Farming around Hyderabad

Hyderabad has its own set of farming enthusiasts and I am sure the number would be quite large. Also many of us would have undertaken many activities in the fields (agri/horti/silvi/aqua/etc) with varying degrees of success. The climatic and othe natural conditions of sorrounding areas of Hyderabad varies greatly from that other areas.

So, if we can have a Hyderabad specific thread, where we can discuss and share our experiences and farming ideas, it could benefit all of us, Hyderabadis.

One small example:
After consultation with Central Research Institue for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Hyderabad we are planting Glircidia trees in our mango/sapota farm. It would act as a live fence and also help in nitrgen fixation. Glircidia survives well in this region and grows vigorously.

Trust sharing practical and implementable, even if small, ideas would help each other greatly.

Like I also have a query: whether Jackfruit is good for the agro-climatic condition around Hyderabad?

Please help share and expand… thanks

Thats a great idea Subrat.
Although the objective behind this forum is to be able to share and know about ideas from across the regions, every regions has specific crops suitable to it and specific ideas that have worked in the past and would work in the future for the specific region.
I think such region specific threads can be added for other regions as well. Views from farming-Gurus welcome !!!


Hi Samrat,
Thanks for your support for the concept.
Are you already into farming or planning to make the moov?
Either way, can you please share some of your experiences, the challenges faced, the region specific strategy adopted, etc.

Hi Subrat,

I am not an expert, just an enthusiast.
Since my focus at the moment is on protected cultivation, with my limited knowledge I can tell you that Gerbera cultivation is very good option for hyderabad. Both the climatic condition as well as the market potential support this crop if you are interested in Polyhouse farming.

On your question on climatic conditions required for Jackfruit, I think these are answered in below threads. … /#msg15436 … /#msg10513


Thanks for the info, Samrat.
I also felt Gerbera could be a good flori crop; have you taken it up yourself?
BTW, where is your farm located nd what all crops you have planted or planning to take up?

Hi Subrat,

I do not own a farm yet, but I am planning for the same.
Currently I am in study mode, as you are probably :slight_smile:

Since I do not have any background, I depend on the wisdom shared by farming gurus in various threads/forums/ elsewhere and keep asking questions, however silly that may sound :wink:


I have a small 8 acre mango/sapota farm near Keshampet with about 900 plants, aged between 5 to 7 years.
Also looking at buying some more land to start something afresh.
What is the type of land you are planning to buy? and which areas you are focussing on, besides the quantum and the rate you are looking at?
Why I am asking som many questions is  because I have looked at some land parcels on areas abutting Srisailam Highway/Bangalore Highway. Please let me know if I can help you in any manner.

Thanks Subrat,

I will definitely get in touch with you, however I would wait a bit before buying land and focus more on the crop-planning first.

Here’s another link with Hyd specific info : … arms-n-ew/


we are plannning for a get together of Hyd based farm enthusiasts either on 13th of 20th. Why dont you join?


Thats a great idea, I will surely join … have also seen the main thread on this.


Yes its really great idea.

Please count me in as well.

Thank you Bhayya Subrat Das! 
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Jack Fruit is also GOOD if water potentiality is not there. But if water is available, Jack Fruit is not Economical comparing the  Plantation I have suggested above.
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