Farmer's Innovation - Easy Planter

A Very Good Invention by our friendly and Innovative farmer “Viswanadha Raju” to reduce the time and labour cost in transplanting any seedlings.
This “Easy planter” is made of stainless steel material for its long durability. Here are the technical specs and price.
Weight: 2 Kilograms (kgs)
Height: 3 Feet
Pipe Diameter: 2 Inches
Pipe thickness: 1.8 millimeteres (mm)
Price: Rs. 3500/-
Contact: Viswanadha Raju (Shadnagar, Mahabubnagar, Telangana, India) @ +91 9440457221 or email @ for more details about this easy planter or to buy.

Very impressive

Will it work on highly clayey land ?

I had the same question. It looks like soil must be in powdered and dry form. If there are lumps of soil, air pockets will dry the roots and plants starve for the water.

Though it is good effort. What is missing is marking bar, once the plant is planted, there is no means to maintain equal space. Operator has to eye ball the distance. A simple rod welded in T shape would do the trick.

A simple but effective tool. Moreover, its priced very moderately. Really impressed

This prototype belongs to seed ‘N’ plant organisation, USA. He should give some acknowledgement to its founder. He is a very good guy. He sent me  both seeder and transplanter to me for free.

Frans oliver is his name. A very good humanitarian who loves to help fellow farmers. He deserves some recognition.

Hi All,

Did any one buy this ?

How is the experience ?

Venu Kulkarni

Dear Sri Venue Kulakarni,

I have Purchased it in 2015_16. It is good. As stated by Sri2012 sir, It works well in loose/sandy/loose red loamy soils , only. In the above said soils, specially on loose beds , it works well.

I used it for planting Chrysanthemum seedlings and they did well and good for planting. 

Hope the price of rs 3,000/_ or 3,500/_ ( not remember ). After using, I have advised him to make a handy equipment like this with 3 or more  planting holes, with adjustable space, keeping in view of High density of planting 2,40,000 plants of Chrysanthemum plants per acre in Green house , for stem variety Chrysanthemums.

With best wishes,  g.p.Rao,    farmer