Farmer certificate

Hello friends,
If a relative of mine who is already a farmer & has all valid documents wants to gift me a part or whole of his agricultural landwhat would be the process if I dont possess a farmers certificate.

No One cannot become the farmer by taking land in gift. If you are farmer in that case only the land will get transfer to your name.
Basically you need to clear the criteria of Farmer.
Dear Firends,
K.T.C. INTERNATIONAL provide the land FARMER CERTIFICATE by purchasing the land on the name of the party in Rajasthan. This work is 100% legal. We also provide the BUY BACK OPTION of the land purchased in your name in Rajasthan. Entire process takes about 30-45 day. Payment in part as the work in progress. We provide the document like original Registry copy, Jamabandhi (7/12 ) and Bhoomi Praman Patra ( farmer certificate). call us on 09998732033, 09426065076 or mail us at