Farmer certificate query

Me and my brother inherited agriculture land from father and where in possession till 2007 and later sold due to financial crunch. Now after 12yrs we are financially doing good and would like to buy a agriculture land for farming, but there is law in maharashtra, that you should be a agriculturist in present day or have farmer certificate in hand to buy new land.

My first question is, i have proof old 7/12, 12 yrs before where in i was and agriculturist will that help. Solution was given to me is No and you have to obtain a Farmer certificate from rajasthan which many people are doing now a days. If I do that issue is solved.

Second question : agents are saying after you became a farmer through above process, your younger brother still cannot become farmer & he also has to obtained farmer certificate. which I doubt as he is my blood brother we have same father. can I do gift deed part of my land to him and include his name on 7/12.

Any solution to both queries, appreciate your kind guidance.