Farm Security with Camera


Thanks Chandra and Madhavan for taking forward a great topic :slight_smile:

Eagerly waiting for the economically feasible solution.



Is it possible either with DVR and/or computer to capture the snapshot of each and every camera every 15 mins (variable) and upload it to cloud / email it.

The reason I am asking is, with remote locations, the purpose of camera is to secure, and mostly the data is stored in hard drive at the location. when security is compromised, the DVR has a chance of compromise also.

If we can find a way to capture a snapshot every now and then and upload, even if the DVR is compromised, there is some data with you to find what went wrong.

Any thoughts


@ khushizone ,  you can reduce the frame rate and record remotely



If you want a basic setup for farm monitoring i can suggest you the below with in price range of 5000 to 7000 INR.

  1. Use unlocked dlink wifi datacard with 3g/2g support . You can get this below < 1500 INR.

  2. Dlink wireless network cameras day/night mode cameras.

Camera at farm can be monitored live from dlink server via browser and free apps are also available for mobiles. Moments in farm are received through emails with photos.



Hi Vamsi,

Would that be:

wifi data card -> wifi router -> multiple cameras

What kind of bandwidth do you see this needing (assuming you have set up something similar)?



Hi Chandra,

its only    wifi data card -> multiple cameras. You dont need router.

Bandwidth will be less as the camera has less resolution. Bandwidth consumption  will only be observed when camera finds moments at farm and send photos or when you try to watch the camera live at farm.



Hi Mr Malolan, sorry for late reply.  Following are the requirement,

  1. Power source to all the camera locations. If commercial power not available then battery is required.  Most of the equipment runs on 12V or 24V DC (wifi equipment & camera).  Solar power may be considered.

  2. Local Network:  Wifi network will spread almost entire 6 acre plot. Each camera location will have one wifi equipment.  but one equipment can support many cameras provided cameras are located not far off from the equipment.

  3. Recording:  Network Video Recorder (NVR) of ubnt, a very compact devise which could record upto 50 feeds of ubnt cameras.

Suggested equipment: Here we need the site location, whether point to point available between station and receiver, if not use some high raised pole/tower. Whether one wifi equipment could cover larger camera locations, etc, - Site visit is required to identify the optimum location that would serve as Station (main unit) and other locations where camera required.  Whether Sector antenna required or just wifi equipment is enough. If point to point is available then 5 Ghz equipment is preferred, incase of slight bush/tree 2 Ghz is preferred.

Nanostation M2 or M5 - 13+ km but assured for few kilometers. (wifi equipment to be used either as Station or as Receiver) required for each location.  Each location may have one or more camera depending on requirement. 2 stands for 2 Ghz and 5 stands for 5 Ghz

LiteBeam ac  5 Ghz sector 120 degree Sector AP - Required or may be done away with Nanosation itself - depending on site survey.

IP Camera outdoor with infrared (HD cameras) : Unify video camera PRO  (1080 p , with 3 X zoom) / Unify video camera 720p

NVR - Network video recorder 500 GB.

Until this stage the farm is fully secured with HD camera and 24 hours recording at chosen place whether inside the farm or at near by locations if wifi signal is received.

Internet: If you choose to remotely view the camera, internet is required.  3G is not reliable. camera need a decent upload bandwidth. Suggest landline based internet source for the form. If not in farm, if available near by location, it can be pulled through wifi. 

NVR can be remotely accessed / configured and any camera can be viewed.

All these equipment are technologically most advanced (US based), lowest price, easy to configure available in Amazon/ebay India. I happen to use other equipment which were highly complicated.

Wifi equipment and camera are POE enabled, (no separate cable for power) Ethernet cable carry power and data. Nano station has a PoE socket for camera but need to use separate Ethernet cable.

Note: Please visit to know more abut this equipment.  Any IP camera can be used but again better not to mixup with camera since this would be hindrance in recording software.  Yet you can use PTZ camera too of any make !, once internet is linked to this local network, there is no end to the possibilities.

I am just sharing my knowledge to help forum members, I am not a business guy and not working for monetary benefits :slight_smile:



hello there,

it’s been a while since any update to this post. We are considering installing the cctvs at our farm and wondering if anyone could share their experiences with recent technology. My requirements are coverage well over 100meters (night vision with low coverage is fine), on-demand view of the farm etc.,

appreciate any response. thanks -Sunil


We got this done with 8 hd dvr cameras, a dvr, a router and mobile internet. This has a mobile app that allows to view real time feed.

We went with some cpplus and some capture brand cameras with night vision of 30m to 100m. Longer the night vision, smaller the width of coverage. I think it makes better sense to go with higher resolution wide angle than longer night vision since it gets really blurry beyond a distance.

The set up cost us 35-40k.


My personal suggestions is to get a good 50 mtr camera with Goud daylight clarity rather than 100 mtr night vision which anyway dies not cover such a long distance.

Better to aid the camera with a 100W LED cameras in the night costs around 2-3k.

Try to have your DVR centrally lovaterc so that you can reach greater area with little effort


Hi Chandra & Shreshtafarms, thanks for your inputs. Would you mind sharing any contact/company who can do end to end design and implementation?

thanks -Sunil


Don’t depend too much on them as they are the most unreliable candidates and the rates are also very high and use GST to earn more.

Call me I would be able to help you with some information


We both got it done from the same guy, so do talk to shrestafarms!


Thank you both!!!

Shreshtafarms - thanks again for providing your contact number. will call over the weekend.


Good job i appreciate your wealth of experiences and your wiliness to share the knowledge for the benefit of our forum . Thanks for the contribution is of immeasurable values

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