Farm Power

Hello All,
As the topic suggests, i specifically want to discuss Farm Power!

What is Farm Power? Farming is the practice of cultivating crops or livestock on a farm. - wiki. Thus it means it’s man made. Nature grows it’s own food & it don’t need man for it.
Power = Mass * Energy * Space * Time - wiki again. There is abundant Power in Nature, thus Nature dont need man for Power either. It’s actually the other way around. Google George Carlin on environment.

Nature has it’s own mechanism for harnessing it’s requirements. It is man who needs to collaborate with nature to survive sustainably. There is a lot of talk out there on bio-mimmicry, immitating nature in every sphere of human life. In agriculture, it’s in the manner of Natural or Organic farming. But that’s just half the element of Farm Power. The farm is covered but not the power. And there are just numerous sources of energy on a farm, namely Solar, Wind, Geo Thermal, Bio Mass, Gravitational, Kinetic, Magnetic and Static in the air. The plant draws it’s power or energy from some of them as well. There is a lot going on in the world in terms of means and ways to harness these and more forms for the use of Humans. Yet it’s a sad state that hardly a fraction of it is used in the field of Agriculture. Breaks my Heart.

Doing a cross section of Costs in farming, power, or energy as i would call it, or fuel as someone else would call it, holds a major component. More so as it’s a recurring expense. The two main sub sections would be, electricity for lighting & appliances and vehicle fuel for crops & transport. i am aware of solutions that are there but i want to see more. Unfortunately my science is worst than a firth grader. None the less, i would urge the knowledgeables to explore this avenue as it has vast opportunities.

Renewables is Tomorrow’s fuel, let’s find a way to use it Today!

More Later, Cheers, naf :slight_smile:

So let’s list some of them.

Solar appliances.
Farm wind turbines / engines
Hybrid Solar & Wind systems.
CPS systems (conventional large scale, not exactly farm friendly, except a few small scale prototypes here & there)
Bio-gas plants.

That’s as many as i can re-collect. I encourage members to list more.
What a minuscule list. Even smaller than the free energy sources listed above. And do they address all the farm needs one has? i must confess again here that i have limited practical knowledge & experience on this. But i’m sure even the most experienced would feel an unfulfilled void. I tried to put a finger on the element that would help fill the void to a large extent. In the attempt, i picked the largest farm tool / machine that’s a gas guzzler. The Tractor.

In the quest, i found a few companies doing something about it but that’s not to say we’ll have it here tomorrow. But, … there are individuals that have taken the matter in their own hands. i shall post some links that help understand about the electric / solar tractor model designed by those individuals and see how much we can learn … in order to make one. Oh yes, the info gathering will not be for study alone. With the help of some engineers here at the forum and some local mechanics, i’ll try to draw a project plan to attempt to make an electric / solar tractor.

Thus i solicit views, comments, info, KB material, links, etc… from interested members who would like to be a part of this project. The proverbial adjectives of sarcasm from the nay sayers will not have an effect on me, thus please save your energy and hold your peace, atleast for a year or so. For the genuinely interested, am open to negative feedback only if you have a positive attitude to it.

Do let me know, more later, Cheers, naf :slight_smile:

Thank you Bhayya  for your Innovative thoughts. Kindly Provide those weblinks for further thoughts and efforts of our esteemed Engineer Gys. GOOD BEGINNING we hope it will make India a Super Power, because our Hon’ble PM will encourage such Innovative thoughts and it will make pur Farmers be Kings.

@ Manne : Thank you for the encouragement Sir. i would urge you to contribute with your info, time or resources on this. Somebody you know who would be interested, someone you can refer to me, some study that you could do in your spare time, anything or anyway that you could contribute with.

i have some decent amount of study data on this but give me a day or two to organise that stuff and then i’ll be ready to post it here. In the meantime, keep doing what you do best, Collaborate!

Cheers, naf :slight_smile:

Thank you Bhayya,

Definitely sir, Knowledge is abundant. I am ready to share my thoughts and Ideas with my little minute Knowledge to the Needy. I am in KPHB I am in Hyderabad and My Farm is at Cimaldari Village of Mominpet Mandal , RR Dist., Telangana. Kindly let us know where R U Sir.
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I am about to buy a farm and will surely be interested to run my farm (water pump and lights) on renewable and eco friendly energy as well as planning to build a house with local and environment friendly materials. Again that house should have its energy created from that very land. I dont want to rely on grid power at all.
Do keep us posted on something effective u find out.