Farm Ponds

i heard ‘farm ponds’ used where water availability is less for cultivation. any info on farm ponds? looks like Govt gives subsidies to make farm ponds… please through some light on how this farm pond works?


Farm pond is a pit where you can collect over flowing water from your farm. You have to choose lowest point on your farm to dig, yes govt gives subsidy for this. But you have to check this locally because it will be given in phasewise. if your village is already given, you have to wait untill next set of funds arrive.

You can make use of water by pumping.

I would suggest you for recharging of your borewell instead of this. First, you will loose so much area of your farm, there is a danger cattle or men can fall unless it has protection. The biggest disadvantage is evoporation of water, it is 5mm/day. if you recharge your borewell you can avoid all of these.

Dear Venkat,

Farm ponds are essentially storage tanks (under ground sump or over head tank) that is used to collect and store water, be it rain water or water from other sources like borewell/canal etc.

The stored water could be used for irrigation using a openwell/monoblock or used as gravity fed drip irrigation or even aquaponics

Typical construction could be concrete or geo-membrane pond liners.


water is the basic need, so artificial ponds work the best when there isint any source of water.

i have a pond of about 75 lakh litre, had lots of expenses, sadly i didnt get any subsidy from the government.

the pond is about 4 yrs old, and i have recurred all the expenses + made a bit of profit from the pond via off shore fish farming.

there are many do’s and dont’s, if you are interested, we can discuss further.


Please share.

Thanks Saravana Kumar and Vikas

Vikas, yes i am interested to know pros and cons. please share the deatils.


i’ve shared earlier in some post, but lets do that again :stuck_out_tongue:

it depends on what is the purpose of the pond ? the capacity i mean, is it purely to store water ?
ok anyways, let me list all that i faced issues with.

  • depth/height of the pond will depend on the soil type you have. soft strata means u can have a deeper pond. and save on plastic explosives/tnt etc.
  • keep provision on the top to walk freely arround the pond, incase of maintenance (Picture - 1)
  • avoid keeping sharp edges (picture - 2)
  • fill the rough surface with some cheaper filler, soil etc. (Picture - 3) the surface shouldnt have any sharp edges which will puncture the sheet.
  • get all the walls of the pond levelled to the same height.
  • keep provision for inlet and outlet.
  • keep provision to pull the motor without damaging the sheet.
  • laying of the sheet and joining them is important, so get that work done properly.
  • tuck in the outer edges of the sheet (Picture - 4)
  • use good quality sheet, preferably geo-membrane. this is basically a woven sheet with coating, which incase is torn, doesnt spread.

thats it i guess. they all are basically every day things, but u’ve got to be careful as it will be storing water, which is precious.

about my experience, i’ve had leakage (joint slips & punctures) since the beginning, but i manage my crops accordingly somehow.

i have done some fish farming to recur the expenses, and it turns out to be fair.

thats it from me i guess. btw, what is the purpose you are looking at Venkat ?


Thanks a lot Vikas… it’s very good information…

i have land near to the Hill…mean one boundary of my land is almost the hill… though of exploring the option to save & conserve this water comes form hill in rainy season… that is my requirement…

Thanks Again for your information…