Farm patch for rent/lease near Bangalore

Hi folks,

I am looking for small patch to rent/lease in a farm near Bangalore (around Electronics City and Sarjapur Road areas).
Patch could be around 1000 sqft. This is to try out gardening on my own for growing vegetables.

There used to be MyGreenThumb on Sarjapur Road but it is closed now.
Any lead please let me know.


Hi Pankaj,

Have you checked with Hosachiguru?

These guys have a lease based agri land model.

Regards & Good Luck,

Saravana Kumar

Hi Sravana,

Thanks for your input.
Read about them (Hosachiguru) but they kind of manage farms for big clients whereas I just want to try farming in a gardening mode without buying land.

MyGreenThumb had the right model but unfortunately they are closed.

Any other lead will be very helpful.


If you are looking for only 1000 sft, then you can lease a unused site close to your house. You will have to request water from neighbors. 

Yeah, that is another option I am thinking about. Just that finding a plot with ample sunlight is difficult near by locality as normally the plot is surrounded by buildings :frowning: and security is another issue.


Did you try or think of Terrace gardening.