Farm manure


Is Farm yard manure is best or Godavari Gold Manure (Cramandal) is best? Can anyone help with reasons?


Koteswarar Rao

Dear Mr. Rao,

Plse note some of technologies posted by  BIOFARMS.

Cowdung -50%  + Poultry Manure -25% + Rock Phosphate -10% + Sheep manure -15%  ----

  and add  10 kg urea /ton  moist the whole content  + Then add  Bye Bye  Phorate/Furadan

technique (Posted by BIOFARMS)  and apply  on  the composting heap and mix it well , cover with

plastic sheet for 10 days. Then uncover the sheet and mix it well  again moist if the  water content

is less. 

To prevent  FOUL SMELL – during  composting    - Spray  EM -(Effective Micro organism) -200 ml/

200 lts water and  spray to the  heap to prevent any type of foul smell while composting.  After 30-

45  days  - Mix chemical fertilizers , micro nutrients  with the moisted  compost  and fill in plastic

bags  and keep it for  5- 7 days , then apply to any crop plants.

This method will  help  prevent  fertilizer loss. This is best compost  one can prepare in farm itself.

Thank you
Good Luck

Thanks for sharing the info.

Currently i am unable to devote much time in my farm. I visit weekly and have some resident farm workers.

Can you suggest some ready to use manure (which I can buy) which is as good as the one you suggested?

thanks in advance.


Dear mr.

Plse go with castor cake ,Neem cake and Single Super phosphate

Thank you
Good luck