Farm Management Software Beta!

Hi everyone! I am the founder of a agtech company called Physiz. We focus on developing hardware and software to help farmers automate, monitor, and optimise their farm operations. Please visit for more information.

We have many features like automated tracking and reporting integrated into IOT devices as well as free to use features such as crop management, zone management, batch management and task delegation etc. All of this is accessible online using the cloud at real time.

We are currently running a beta on our software so it is free for a limited time! Taking feedback from real users so would love you get your input. We are constantly innovating, improving and adding new features and since this is still in the testing phase please bear with us if there are any issues. There is a chat option available on our website if you need any support.

The software can we used by hobbyists to running commercial farms. We take pride in what we’ve built and we would love to build a community around it. Thank you!

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Looks simple and clean, very good interface and functionalities.

Appreciate the support! Please let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions to help improve the software. I am reachable at Thank you!