Farm land purchase advise about soil and water


i am potential new farmer now seriously looking at farmland.
I have found a land (40 acres) in my budget and then i got the soil tested.
Its a heavy soil with higher PH (8.5) and the bore water EC is high (salty water reading EC of 2).
Soil is low on organic matter and some other minerals like boron and iron.
Farm Land is relatively flat with gentle slope and there is small lake about 300 meter from the land (not sure about water in the lake) . Area is a hot and humid with average rainfall of 450-800 mm /year

I want to plant a horticulture garden with various fruit and timber tress.
Will the salty water be a problem ?
can the soil alkalinity be reduced ?
Can i build farm pond to collect enough rain water to irrigate the 40 acres garden?
Is high density plantain of mango etc possible in such conditions?

These are some questions on my mind any advice is highly appreciated! Thank you…