Farm Fencing Cost


What is the prevailing cost of Chain Link fencing for an Acre in TN? Sounds like too expensive on my enquires just wanted to understand if I’m missing something.

If I understand correctly, real estate people do the chain link fencing on a large scale and it clearly become non-affordable for small farmers. The cost I heard was 160Rs per running feet inclusive of material and labour. For my land about an acre the total cost is about 1.65 L. I still wonder if this is a correct price to pay?

If you have a cost breakup and share it I will be happy.

Internet search is filled with hungry real estate people demanding huge sum of money.

My land is on Villupuram - Tiruvanamalai belt.


You  dont seem to miss any thing,you can look for thorny tree fencing it will be much cheaper but is going to take time.

in Maharashtra near talasari 4"x4" square hole 3 mm Tata  wire chain link rate in april 2016 was Rs.8.75.per sq.feet

In another website, a person is giving 2500/- per ton for kiluvai cuttings.  This will be a good choice if you are interested in natural fencing.

Padmanabhan Ganesan